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Groupon announced a new initiative in what company officials referred to as a “bold new initiative.” The company said in a recently unveiled Press Release that it has launched Groupon Pages. It is essentially listings for local businesses which will show up in Google or Bing searches and other search engines’ results. Groupon believes that launching such a project affords additional opportunities to local businesses to show up on millions of online searches.

Groupon Initiative

The new Groupon initiative places the company in direct competition with Google, Yelp and other online search engines and online business databases. According to Techcrunch this project offers Groupon interactive capabilities on its website enabling visitors to stay for longer periods as opposed to a place they go to just search and leave and perhaps never come back again.

Groupon combines its new search features with its online directory which places them in a competitive position with others including social media sites, which also offer individual pages to its members including Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, Google and many others. Merchants signing into the new Groupon’s Business Page will receive an assigned page on Groupon’s website which allows them to manage their own content and can post their business hours, contact telephone numbers, photos, customer testimonials. and capabilities to link their own website to their Groupon Page.

The unique advantage for Groupon Pages is that many more local businesses will be motivated to list their businesses on Groupon Pages and may also use Groupon’s Search Platform for searches instead of Google. A Groupon company source told WebProNews, “we’re dramatically increasing the number of merchants on Groupon and providing our customers with yet another reason to always check Groupon first.”

7 Million Pages

Groupon said it has built more than 7 million pages on the company website including over 20 million in validated rating pages on mostly local businesses, offering visitors information on the company’s ratings, tips and other money saving opportunities company sources told WebProNews.


Groupon Launches Millions of Business Pages
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