Googling” has come a long way since its inception on September 4th, 1998.  It took at while before the act of “googling” became a commonly accepted verb.  Constantly streamlining the public’s access to information, Google is preparing to make a slight alteration that could have huge implications.

Google announced plans to cutback on the search engine powers of websites known as doorway pages.  These sites are typically used as funneling tools, where a website or company uses multiple domain names to siphon traffic to one main site.

Old Tricks

It’s a trick many websites have been using for years, and it will most certianly affect both sides of the search engine giant’s user base.

According to Google’s Webmaster Central Blog, the main objective is to improve the search experience for the users.  An example of a scenario they hope to avoid would be if a user searches for something, they don’t want multiple items on the results page to be the same site.


If the searcher doesn’t like the first result, then he or she will logically have a negative experience if the next result they click takes them to the same page, despite a unique domain appearance.  Their new policy will categorize these sites as webspam, which would essentially render them useless in the eyes of the site owners.

Websites who rely on doorway pages may be left scrambling to adjust their SEO strategies.  Those whose success hinges on high volumes of traffic from search engines will certainly be affected.

SEO Changes

Sites with mature doorway page initiatives will likely need to turn to alternative means of SEO such as content marking and keyword prominence.

What could improve the search experience for Google searchers, may very well cause panic for a variety of websites.

Google has not issued a formal date for when these changes will occur, but it is safe to say that companies with doorway pages should begin to formulate new SEO strategies.  At the end of the day, Google is a search engine site that is driven by its users.  With stiff competition from sites like Bing, it has to keep refining its service, and this tweak will do just that.

Google Introducing Small Change That Could Have Big SEO Implications
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